10 months old baby

Question: My baby stool is too hard she is crying during at time ....plz give some home remedies. I am give rasinis soaked for overnight .....

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Answer: U can give her some boiled vegetables like potato, papaya nd carrot.. It will help you a lot for sure..
Answer: Give her water...my baby also used to cry whipe passing stool
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Question: Any remedies for baby having hard poop.?She is crying when it's time to poop?
Answer: Oh God,most babies have this issue once solid diet starts😢...my baby had it too...then my mom suggested to give mosambi juic daily...also include plenty of fruits,vegetables too..water is important.it all helped my daughter..hope helps your baby too.
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Question: My baby is not passing the stool for past three days....give some home remedy for passing the stool
Answer: Hi dnt give water for babies who is less than 6 months. Consult doctor before doing anything.
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Question: My baby always crying at night I used colimex drops after he stops crying but doctor said not to use daily plz suggest me some home remedies
Answer: Dear,colic issues are so annoying na...my baby used to cry for hours😔...I used to use colic aid in such difficult situation..but most often have used hing paste to cool it down..rub baby tummy to move the gas.paddle her legs to release it too.i regularly used to burp her after feed..hope it helps you baby..
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