1 months old baby

Question: My baby stomach remains very tight whole day ... She is unable to sleep

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Answer: Hi. Dear it could be because of gas. You need to burp your baby apter every feed. Give your baby tummy time, but with lot of care you can see some videos realated to it when hou are sure you can do it properly then only try on baby as baby is very small. Apply hing paste on tummy and massage clock wise. Try these things it woukd work if its gas. Good luck.
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Question: 19week pregnant. After evrymeal my stomach is getting so tight, unable to sleep, take breath
Answer: Gastric problem is normal in pregnancy and it may cause of cramps in stomach. One of the more effective ways to remedy gas during pregnancy is to monitor your diet. The hormone progesterone is one of the main causes of excess gas during pregnancy. As your body produces more progesterone to support your pregnancy, progesterone relaxes muscles in your body. This includes the muscles of your intestine. Slower moving intestine muscles mean that your digestion slows down. This allows gas to build up, which in turn leads to bloating, burping, and flatulence. 1. Drink plenty of fluids 2. Stay active and do walk and yoga. 3. Cut down gassy foods like potatoes, wheat, broccoli,egg plant etc. 4. Rich fibre food intake, figs, and bananas, and vegetables, as well as whole grains like oats and flax meal are all good fiber boosters to consider. 5. Light meal often and moderate amount. 6. Fennel seeds and buttermilk for easy digestion.. 7. Eat smaller meals more frequently instead, which not only helps reduce gas but also can help control your blood sugar levels. 8. Slow down how fast you eat. The faster you eat, the more likely you will swallow air with your food, contributing to gas. 9. For serious gas, please consult your doctor she might prescribe an anti-gas medication for proper treatment.
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Question: Hi... My baby is 45days old... She is suffering from stomach pain and crying all the time... She was unable to sleep whole day... Please help me
Answer: Gently massage your baby, pump her legs back and forth (like riding a bike) while she's on her back, or give her tummy time (watch her while she lies on her stomach). A warm bath can also help her get rid of extra gas. Try these steps to prevent and ease the pain of gas: Check feeding position. "When you're nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby'shead higher than her stomach,". "That way, the milk sinks to the bottom of the stomach and air goes to the top, and it's easier to burp out. If your baby seems uncomfortable, here are eight ways to help comfort her: Burp Often. Burping helps relieve gas by allowing air to escape from the body, keeping it from building up. ... Keep Baby Upright. ... Pump Baby's Legs. ... Draw a Warm Bath. ... Bounce It Out. ... Try a Baby Massage. ... Try an Over-the-Counter Remedy. ... Track Diet.
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Question: Hii my stomach is very tight and unable to understand baby movement
Answer: Hello, Dera it can be because of gas. So please do some walk and eat yogurt or drink milk. That will help you release some gas. Then you can feel baby's movement.
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