3 months old baby

Question: My baby still crying in night at fixing time- 1.30 to 3.30 or 1.00 to 3.00?? Y so? Now she is 2 month's 94 day's...

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Question: My baby starts crying in night time, she don't sleep in bed or drink milk properly.. She will be crying, but in my lap she ll sleep not continuously... Y wat happened to her?
Answer: Dear,seems like colic issue .colic issues are so annoying na...my baby used to cry for hours😔...I used to use colic aid in such difficult situation..but most often have used hing paste to cool it down..rub baby tummy to move the gas.paddle her legs to release it too.i regularly used to burp her after feed..hope it helps you baby..
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Question: My baby has not pooped from 2 days... Any home remedy... She is crying at time she is applying pressure
Answer: Hi dear. It's completely normal for not passing stools for 2 days Make sure that you are adding lot of vegetables and fruits in his diet. Make him drink plenty of fluids. If the symptoms continue consult your pediatrician.Take care
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Question: Hello my baby head become to hot at night time and now days she is not getting proper sleep at night she cries a lot
Answer: Don't worry.. Babies head are normally hot as comparison to the adults. Their cheeks should not be warm otherwise it can be an indication of fever. Rub little castor oil mixed with coconut oil it helps
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