1 months old baby

Question: My baby starts crying in night time, she don't sleep in bed or drink milk properly.. She will be crying, but in my lap she ll sleep not continuously... Y wat happened to her?

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Answer: Dear,seems like colic issue .colic issues are so annoying na...my baby used to cry for hours😔...I used to use colic aid in such difficult situation..but most often have used hing paste to cool it down..rub baby tummy to move the gas.paddle her legs to release it too.i regularly used to burp her after feed..hope it helps you baby..
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Question: Hi, My baby is 1.5 months of age.. She only sleeps in our lap. When we make her sleep on bed, she wakes up immediately.. Maybe she has issues GERD... How can we make her sleep on bed?
Answer: Hi , there is no problem at starting my baby would do same . When baby sleeps on our lap she feels secure and heat so when we make her sleep use some thick cotton cloths on her back and change to bed when she sleeps . And also make sure to secure her with pillows on both sides.
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Question: Baby is crying in night time.. She don't sleep in bed or drink milk.. She sleep in my lap but not continuously..
Answer: There are many reasons for baby cry like baby feel heat or uncomfortable, may be baby has gas problem, so for gas u can try colicaid its very sweet syrup made by fennel seeds..you can give 2 drops of it
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Question: Hi. My baby is fully on formula milk as i don't have BM. She is drinking by bottle in my lap only during night time. Morning time she feeds in bottle only by lying position. She is crying if i take in my lap. After feeding i m burping her. Is it ok to feed by lying position?
Answer: No its not ok.. fully lying position can harm baby. Make sure to keep head a little high while feeding
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