7 months old baby

Question: My baby started crawling but frequently got hurt on head ...how to protect this...can this lead to any internal head injury???

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Question: My baby got hurt and his head got swollen how to heal the swollen head?
Answer: Hello dear, first rub ice on swelling area. if the baby is breastfeeding, is able to respond, opening eyes, recognising mothers voice. Means baby is OK. Check for swelling on the head( front -back ). She needs to rush to a paediatrician possibly a hospital emergency care if baby is not opening eyes or is not able to sit properly. Or is falling to the one side-- where he has been hit. Since your baby has hurt her head, pay attention to symptoms like vomiting,giddiness,fever or any changes in behaviour. If any of these seen within 24 hours of the injury,report to your paediatrician immediately as they could be symptoms of something serious like concussion. 
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Question: My baby fall down from bed... how to know whether he got internal injury or not...?
Answer: Hello Dear i was in same situation some time back My son fell from the cot at around 4 months so we moved the mattress to the floor. N then at 10 months he jumped off his crib n landed on the floor--- it's been more than 3 months but still I can't forget that incident but like other mommies said, babies fall down every now n then.. hope your little one is alright now. this is the advice my paediatric gave --- *whenever baby falls, just look out for swelling, *vomiting within 24 hours and *drowsiness, *lack of attentiveness, *any change in normal behaviour--- If there is bump yu can give cold or warm compress n for yur mental relaxation yu can meet pediatrician but if none of above mentioned things occur,then there's nothing to worry... Babies are actually stronger than we think- so don't worry (I know it's easier said than done, cos I too freaked out when my son fell down)... Rather concentrate on ways to avoid falls like installing bed rails or moving mattress to floor...
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Question: While crawling if baby hits his head on floor does his brain r head got any injury
Answer: Hii Apply cold compress to avoid swelling.  Look for bruises or pooling of blood on the scalp.  Let your baby sleep for some while as it may help in relieving the pain. But too much sleeping is also not good. Look for any changes in behaviour. If he cries and stays alert. he‘s probably okay. If your child vomits. loses consciousness. doesn't want to play and seems tired then immediately consult the doctor. Any serious injury which results in excessive blood loss requires immediate medical attention.  I sincerely hope it helps. All the best. 
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