2 months old baby

Question: My baby spits a lot even after burping,so is it normal?

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Answer: No food u r eating might cause this so eat on time. Don't skip Brkfast. Drink more hot water y bec cold water will froze ...........hotwater will digest food items what u have eaten then after each meal tale betle leaves if u eat any unwanted junk foods too it will digest n give u proper milk
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Question: My baby spits so much even after burping
Answer: Baby on top feed tend to spit alot. It's normal. Keep your baby's body straight for sometime even after burping. May be this could help him digest milk.
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Question: My baby spits even after burping.....sometimes twice ....is it normal.
Answer: hi dear, if your baby spits just after burping then it's very normal almost 90% babies do that. Sometimes babies with the extra milk so try not to overfeed. If your baby is gaining weight properly and is active then don't worry about all this.
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Question: My daughter after every feed even after burping spits a lot of milk.... Kundly any1 suggest what to do
Answer: spitting milk is common dear. In new born digestive system is still developing so there is more spitting it up in first few months than later. Because of baby glumping air cause spitting out milk, because they spit out the milk just because they are over feeding, Brup your baby well after every feed. Keep feeding calm and quite, do not feed everything one time feed more often, make a comfortable position, do not delay in feeding because baby may take air inside.make sure in what you are eating because whatever you eat that directly effects the baby dear avoid eating spicy oily gassy food which make baby constipated or they get loose motion and stomach upset and vomiting. Your diet should be very mild.
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