5 months old baby

Question: My baby spit curdly milk at many time in a day...what's the reason?

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Answer: Almost half of young babies spit up regularly. The peak age for spitting up – also known as reflux – is 4 months. When your baby swallows air along with his breast milk or formula, the air gets trapped in with the liquid. The air has to come up, and when it does, some of the liquid comes up too, through his mouth or nose.Babies take in a lot of nourishment in relation to their size, and some of them really like to eat, so sometimes they become overfilled and, well, overflow. A newborn's digestive system isn't fully developed, either.
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    Neha Arvind Pushkar584 days ago

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Answer: its normal.. dont worry all babies spit curdly milk.
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    Neha Arvind Pushkar585 days ago

    Thx Nisha😊

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