4 months old baby

Question: My baby sometimes behaves very irritated.. He wants to chew everything.. Is his teething process started

Answer: Yes dear, it could be teething time. Mostly babies start teething from 4 months to 6 months... This is normal.. you can also take  an advice from your doctor...  Teething gets babies very cranky. The best thing to do is get them teething toys or soothers they help in relaxing the irritated gums. You can massage ur babies gums with a clean finger. You can also use a clean cloth dipped in cold water n keep it in ur babies mouth. U can get a chilled spoon for the baby to chew on. It will help ur baby. Cold food like frozen fruits cold yogurt you can give ur baby frozen banana stick. The cool feeling can be bressing for the irritated gums.  Also feed your baby calcium rich foods like dark leafy vegetables, milk, yogurt, cheese etc..  Hope it helped, Take care ur little one....
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Question: my baby is very irritated and wants to keep everything in mouth..he his biting his lower lip too..he is crying alot..is it teething ? how can I relieve his pain? he is 4 months old
Answer: yes dear this due to teething.. you can get teething rings and give to your baby.. wooden teething or frozen teething rings will work best to ease your baby pain
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Question: helo. my baby is 3 mnths old..he often put his hand in mouth even after feeding. ..n gets irritated when he chew his hand.. is d teething process started ? if yes den wat to do..he gets very cranky when I remove his hand. n even when he chew his hand
Answer: don't worry it's a sign that ur baby is growing well u should be very careful now coz baby will chew anything now what will get at home, teething process will start soon from 4 th month u should buy any soft teether that will get in market it's easy way to handle this situation, u should feed ur baby sometimes due to hunger baby will behave like this, tc of baby.
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Question: Baby sometimes scratches his ears..gets cranky, wants to chew everything and having loose motions too..is it all bcoz of teething?
Answer: Plz consult your doctor.. if the baby scratch his ears n get crack n having sm patches it may b the sign of infection or allergic reaction.. My baby was also chew everything n affected by loose motion.. why I consult doctor he told me it just bcz of teething.. Hope this answer will help you
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