3 months old baby

Question: My baby continously soaking his fingers

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Answer: Hii follow below steps to remove thumb/finger sucking habit of baby. Don’t worry  Babies find thumb/finger sucking comforting and after a certain age give up the habit on their own.  Distract her Distract her by engaging in some toy or activity. Using force will not help  Forcefully pulling thumb/finger out of baby's mouth is likely to make her suck her thumb/finger more often.  Friends help  Show her that her friends don't do it and she shouldn't do it either.  Use a substitute  Pacifier can be a good option on which the baby can suck instead of her own thumb/finger.  Have patience  It takes time to get rid of a habit. Keep explaining to her why it's not a good habit. 
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Question: Hi my baby is not opening his hand always he tightened his fingers wat to do
Answer: During bath open his hand and pour water and give Massage....during free time just open his fingers many times....if u practice it he will open his fingers by his own
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Question: My baby always keeping his fingers in mouth
Answer: Hi, don't worry most of them say it's a bad thing as the teeth will not have proper shape but in other way it's good as baby is exposed to bacteria while sucking they develop good immunity. Baby is just 5 months may be after few months baby will stop this habit, my baby also use to do this till 1yr she had this unit then herself she stopped. ☺
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Question: My baby put his thumb and sometimes his fingers in his mouth. What should I do??
Answer: Hi I use to put mittens on my babys hands it helped me to keep his fingers away from mouth Putting fingers in mouth might be a sign that your baby is hungry It might also be that your baby is teething provide your baby with water filled teether that can be cooled to comfort the sore gums Trim your baby's nails regularly .
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