1 months old baby

My baby sleeps within 10-30 mins after breastfeed..but gets awake in another 30 minutes hungry. What to do?

Hi,you should check if you are giving complete feed to tour baby,as if the feed is not completed than the baby will wake up.
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Question: my baby sleeps well in my lap even for hours.. but when I try to put her on the bed she gets awake within minutes.. what to do?
Answer: my baby has the same prob. hug the baby and sleep on the bed till the baby falls asleep
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Question: My baby is just 4 week old .She sleeps very less ,always gets awake in 10-15 minutes & starts crying loudly.is it normal .
Answer: Yes absolutely normal but better visit your paeditrican once bcoz we can't recognize baby problems
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Question: How to keep baby awake during breastfeeding??my baby sleeps in few minutes..
Answer: Hii Generally babies sleep while breast feeding to keep them awake slowly rub their palms n feet n even slightly rub their back
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