7 months old baby

Question: My baby sleeps very less. Doctor doesn't say anything . She sometimes doesn't sleep full day and she sleep night at around 12 to 1 n gets up at around 8 or 9. Is it ok

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Answer: Normal hai but baby jitna soye Utna achha hai uske development k Liye meri baby v same karti hai but me uski nind k liye usko godi me sulati Din me... To so jati kese to v at least 12 hours ki nind puri Karwati Usko....
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Question: My daughter is 1 year old still she doesn't sleep properly in night. She frequently gets up and she sometimes plays in middle of night what should we do? She gets up in every 1 or 2 hrs.
Answer: Don't allow her sleep in the evening after 6 pm. Divide her mind by games, toys smth else. So at night time she will be tired and sleep better. It may not work for first days but usually works within some time. If she goes to bed at 8 or 9 pm. Don't allow her sleep after 5 pm. Keep her awake at least 5 hrs before going to bed.
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Question: my baby sleeps at night straight 12 hours is it normal she didn't sleep at day
Answer: Does she not feel hungry while sleeping? And 6 month old babies normally sleep much more.
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Question: my baby sleeps very less time hardly 20 minutes in day at night also he doesn't take deep sleep
Answer: Hii I need few more information. About ur baby. How old is he? Is it happening from few days or it is happening from very beginning. Kindly provide a complete information so that I can give u a proper and fruitful.assistance. All the best.
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