Few days old baby

Question: My baby sleeps more..while breastfeeding she gets sleep soon..is it normal

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Answer: Hi. Congratulations dear. And what youbare experiencing is very normal, as baby in womb were very cozy and sleepy most of the time they sleep soon as they find the cozyness and warmth. But dont worry rub babies ear he would wake up and have milk, if baby doesnt wakes up kick his food with finger baby would drink milk. Good luck.
Answer: Hi Dear! Yes its normal few days old babies tend to sleep more, baby might be suckling fr 4-5 times and off to sleep it happens you hv to keep tingling the tiny feets or those small pair of ears to tickle or keep the baby awake fr few more minutes to feed.. But dont worry with time it wipp be alright.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is one month old and while feeding she sleeps.. And when I put her in shoulders for burping she gets up and cries.. So is it necessary to burp the baby as it wakes her from sleep?
Answer: Yes it's necessary to burp the baby after every feeding...But during feeding don't make her to sleep by touching her feet ,ear....So that the baby will not sleep in empty stomach..And then when you burp her then even if she ll gets up but she ll not cry.baby cries mainly for three reasons for food,for diaper change and lastly if they feel uncomfortable..bt for a one month old baby its most probably for the food.so make sure that your baby's tummy is full all the time..as baby's stomach is very small..so they require food in every 2 to 3 hours..and yes after every pee they ll feel hungry..so try to notice that when baby will hungry or feel uncomfortable what are the reactions she is giving...and from that you can learn that when your baby is hungry or when your baby feels uncomfortable...now your baby is too small..later on you ll do a master on your baby's reaction...so don't worry...welcome to the new phase of life...enjoy the motherhood...l hope this ll helpful for you...
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Question: Hi all..., My baby from last week sleeps very less. Night time she sleeps well. But morning time she gets sleep but whenever i make her sleep within 5min or 10min she gets up. Why this happens??
Answer: Make sure the peaceful surrounding...and tummyfull...take a warm water bath with gentle massage..before make her asleep
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Question: my baby sleeps at night straight 12 hours is it normal she didn't sleep at day
Answer: Does she not feel hungry while sleeping? And 6 month old babies normally sleep much more.
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