Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby sleeps at 10 in nite and sleeps till 7 in morning...i wear only one daiper throughout the night...should i change in between ??if i change in his sleep he would wake up and start to play in midnite ???what to do??

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Answer: Aap a e doctor se puchl
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep in daytime.he sleeps only 10 min then wake up and also 4hours in night.what to do
Answer: Make him comfortable.. Make him sleep away from sound,light..feed him still he stops..
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Question: If i wake up from sleep than only my throat is painig in evening In morning
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry...keep urself hydrated..its normal..no need to worry..
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Question: my sleeps a lot during day time.. and wake up entire night. how to change his routine.
Answer:  Ye bilkul normal h. Small baby starting me 16-20 hours sote h. Fir jab thore bade ho jate h to unki ye habbit change ho jati h. But aap unki habbit apne schedule ke according kaise change krna chahte h. Ye totally aap pr depend krta h. Small baby hmari tarah continue 8 to 10 hours nhi so sakte. Wo ek bar me maximum 3 se 4 hours so sakte h. Aap baby ke sleeping schedule change krne ki kosis kijiye. Mostly baby 1 year tak raat me ek se do baar jrur jgte h. Jab baby jag jaye to light on mat kijiye. Wha pr jyada sor mat kijiye. Use breast milk lgakar soye rahiye. Isse half an hour or after one hour baby fir so jayegi Otherwise, aako 4 month tak ye sab sahna hi prega.
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Question: My baby sleeps in the day time nd wake up in nights how ti change his sleep times?
Answer: Hello dear..Small babies need time to Adjust to ur sleeping pattern. Best thing to do is u change ur sleeping pattern . It will take your baby 3 to 6 months to sleep in routine.As a mother understand the signs that ur baby is tired. Make a bedtime routine for ur baby like getting ur baby change for bed and singing lullaby and giving him a goodnight kiss.
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