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Question: My baby sleeps all time she is 17 days old how do I make her feed please help me

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Answer: Hi Mommy, at 1 month old, babies still want to feed frequently and are unpredictable with their sleeping patterns. Many are still fairly sleepy and apart from short wakeful periods of feeding and being alert, they sleep for at least a couple of hours between their feeds. Feeding Expect your baby to need to feed at least 6 times/24 hours at 1 month of age. If they are breastfeeding this could increase up to 12 times. Try not to control their feeding times too much and let your baby determine how much and how often they want to feed. Unless they have been unwell or were premature, they will be able to gauge when they need to feed and are satisfied with the volume of milk in their stomach.
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Question: How to make her speak?she is 17 month old,,is ithis right time to speak?
Answer: Hello dear, Babies start speaking around at 18-24 months, Many toddlers speak earlier than 18 months and can speak about 20-30 words by 2. Your toddler isn't using a few words, you may be concerned. Receptive language is much more important than expressive language. Does he understand what you are saying? For example, if you say where is the ball? does he look for the ball. At this age, he should only have one or so words! Is he gesturing? For example, does he wave bye-bye? This is what I'm saying...no child is like another child.  Don't let milestone markers rule your life.... Speech therapists believe that if your child does not have 8-10 words by the time he is 18 months old, THEN start worrying and make an appointment with your doctor...
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Question: Hi man, please help me my daughter is 7months and 29 days old, since birth she sleeps only by 3.30 and also during daytime she sleeps for less time. Wat can I do to make her sleep early
Answer: Hi Dear! Its normal for babies to go through sleep regression, in this condition they sleep less and gets busy in exploring things, dont worry this phase will pass soon and till 1 yr there will be a lot of changes in the sleeping pattern but creating an ambience would help like dimming the light, rocking baby, breastfeeding, singing a lullaby lots of skin to skin does help a lot, if it can be done fr 7 days baby will develop a habit of sleeping early.. Good luck!
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Question: My 17 days old baby doesnot burp at all..its so difficult...by the time she burps...her sleep gets disturbed...again wants to feed..and cycle goes on..what do i do...its very difficult to make her burp
Answer: Hi, dear some babies do burp late. My baby also used to take alot of time to burp and when we put her back to bed she spits all milk. So in this case its important to pat baby for atleast 30 minutes. 15 minutes upwards aDearnd 15 minutes downward baby will surely burp and also after burp dont put her down rather keep her in upwards position for sometime this will prevent vomit..
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