2 months old baby

Question: My baby sleeps a lot ..he doesnt drink milk properly sucks only 5 mins nd again sleeps..but he urinates morethn 10times a day.i am worried whether he is getting proper amount of milk..

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Answer: Stay relax dear, all small babies do like this. And your baby's per count tell that your baby is getting sufficient milk
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Question: my baby turned 2 months today..he sucks milk for a while n sleeps......again he repeats it..this way me n baby both dont get proper rest
Answer: Hi dear. Welcome to the motherhood, I was just imagining that how your baby is doing and it is so cute to imagine, don't worry dear all small babies do like that even I remember my baby when you said that you baby sleep during sucking milk, whenever you see that you baby start sleeping you start massaging ear or Chin muscles gently it will make you baby start sucking again and your baby will get sufficient milk. Try it , you will get help
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Question: I have baby boy of 8 months and 8 days he doesnt drink milk properly while feeding only for 5 mins he drinks and stops then after 2 ,3 hours only he drinks again ,is it to worry ?
Answer: Start giving him food as he require certain essential nutrients apart from your milk. So start giving him food in a blended form initially then after sometimes adjust accordingly
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Question: My baby sleeps a lot in day. I feel she doesnt drink enough milk. Im so worried.
Answer: Let her sleep, sleeping is good for babies . You just take the baby in the middle of sleeping and feed the baby with out waking up.most of the babies drink milk like this way.
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