Few days old baby

Question: my baby sleeps alot ...

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Answer: Its normal fr new borns to sleep fr 14-18hrs
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Question: My baby sleeps alot what should I do to wake her up ??
Answer: Hi Don't worry newborn hardly wakes up for 3-5 hours in a day They need sleep as a lot of growth and development I'd happening inside your baby By month two he would be awake for 5-6 hours Awake hours would gradually increase as the baby grows month by month
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Question: Baby sleeps whole day and in night, cries alot. What to do , baby sleeps in night also
Answer: Dear that's a common issue... It will stay like this atleast next 1 more month.. And gradually baby will adapt timings to sleep ...
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Question: My baby cries alot at night nd he sleeps in full day
Answer: It happens. Some baby cries all night and sleep in day. Till 4 to 6 month. I would suggest get some rest when ur baby is sleeping.
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