40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby sleeping too less. She is 1 nd half month old. Please advise

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Answer: Most babies don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks of life. Newborns typically sleep 14 to 18 hours a day in the first week and 12 to 16 hours by the time they're a month old. Let her complete 3 months after 3 months her vision will be cleared and she will start understanding about sleeping patterns (day/night).
Answer: a e doc se..cnslt karlena
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Question: My daughter she is one nd half month old when she born she was so white nd now she is too dark give me any suggestion about that
Answer: Baby colour changes quite a few times but by 2-3 months you have a fair idea of true complexion.  All babies are born fair, that is not the real colour. If baby looks to be the same colour as the hand on her head so I guess its normal . Skin colour is dependent on genes and nothing will change it. 
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Question: Mai baby is 2 nd half month old nd weighs 4.7 kgs...does she weigh less??
Answer: Hello! Please let us know her birth weight. Ideally there should be minimum of 500 gms of weight increase every month. If that is happening, then you need not take much stress. Just keep on feeding her every 2 hours. It will be fine.
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Question: Hello please please help me...my baby girl is 1 n half month hold she is not sleeping in night m worried what can i do.
Answer: It happens don't worry. With span of time she will start sleeping at night
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