1 months old baby

Question: My baby sleep soon during feeding. She s feeding just 5 minutes. It's very difficult for me to wake her while I use her legs to wake up she just cries for a second and again sleeping

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Answer: Increase feeding frequency. It's normal that baby's sleeping while feeding. Be sure that baby weight gain is normal and she is urinating for 6 times a day
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Question: My baby is sleeping alot... I could not feed her & she is been dehydrated... I tried all ways to wake her up but its not working... Plzz suggest me something
Answer: Let the baby sleep, while feeding if the baby sleeps gently rub the baby's ear top or rub baby's feet if they want milk they will suck do this again and again and if they are very sleepy they won't suck and that time you can let them sleep, if urine count is 6+ in 24 hours baby is well hydrated,
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Question: My baby 7 month old not sleeping properly in night. Every half an hour to 1 hour she wake n cry while I take her for feed na within 2 minutes she sleep. Please suggest me remedies to make baby to sleep full night. Thank you
Answer: Hello dear..... when you sleeps your baby give semisolid food so that tummy will fill for longer time . After that give your milk. When baby try to get up at night put your hand over baby so that baby feels you.
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Question: i m 10 weeks pregnant,, my problem is sleeping position... i know that during pregnancy, the best position to sleep is on the left side,, but during sleep if i sleep on my back or on my stomach, then is it dangerous for my baby or not...?? i suddenly wake up many times during sleeping because of the sleeping position tention..
Answer: Hi, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is sleep on side, even better to sleep on left side.in early pregnancy you can sleep on back and on tummy till 14 weeks.but after 14 weeks better to lie down on side, will increase the blood circulation between placenta and baby.keep your legs and knees bent, and put pillow between your legs.take care
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