Few days old baby

Question: My baby sleep full day he didnt wake up even for feeding what should i do to make him awake atleast for feeding? I am really worried

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Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is too small so this is the time when baby is sleeping the whole day and waking up the whole night or vice versa. U no need to worry mom it will not affect in activeness of baby. As the baby is becoming older the routine of sleep will change eventually and u can also see activeness in the baby
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Question: Hi.... my baby sleeps for 7 hour stretches during the day and is awake for the whole night. Should i let him sleep or should i wake him up for feeding. He is 3 months old
Answer: Hi dear, u can try night feeding by feeding him lying down if u think he's taking don't wake him up if he's hungry he vl take feed lyk dis only. It's good he is maintaining this sleep pattern don't disturb this routine
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Question: My baby is 6 months old..he wakes up every half an hour at nit..plz suggest what can I do to make him sleep atleast for 3hrs..
Answer: Hi Dear! Its a phase u cant really help much but all i can say is it will be over soon, they tend to feed a lot at night becz the milk production is at its peak, the milk has hormones which can help sleep them better and good fr ur supply too, pls lye on ur side and feed.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby sleep while feeding if I try to make him burp he awake and doesn't go to sleep. What should I do?
Answer: It's common to sleep while breastfeeding, but u just observe that is breastfeed sufficient to him in everytime
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