12 months old baby

Question: my baby sleep for one or two hours during day time.but she wakes up after every half an hourvor hour during night even if her tummy is full.i gave her colic drops, gripe water,tried many remedies but of no use.kindly helpe as i am patient of arithritis.she is on formula plus breast feed but took breastfeed for sleeping.

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Question: Hello doctor my baby girl is 4 month old and she often cries all the time..we cannot even control her..she is not sleeping properly in night..every 1 or 2 hours she wakes up and it's very difficult to put her sleep..she continuesly cries for an hour..I'm giving her colic aid colimix and phenagran which my doctor suggested.then too it's very difficult to make her sleep.
Answer: Hi... This is very common in new borns ... Don't panic ... As your baby is breastfeed, First thing you have to concentrate on your diet... Avoid all gassy and spicy food items... Try to include more fruits and vegetables regularly in your diet... Drink plenty of water and fluids daily ... You can apply Hing paste below the navel.. or you can also ruse mamaeaarth tummy roll on... . It has goodness of Hing and fennel oil... Very effective in reliving colic pain 👍
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Question: My baby is not sleeping continuously in cradle even if her tummy is full. She needs swinging for every one hour. Stupid people around me immediately taking my baby out and not letting her to sleep well.
Answer: Hello dear... always ensure that your baby's room is dimly lit...and there's no disturbance dear.... you can explain to me ppl at home that it is not healthy to disturb the baby's sleep and let her have a good amount of sleep before they take her out dear..
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Question: My baby does poty after 5,6 days....is it normal ?... Because my baby has big pblm of Gais...she is crying every time...I gave her gripe water,colicaid drops,stomach pain relief drops but still she has a Gais n stool pblm...even I gave up dairy because of her gais
Answer: It's normal dea.. burp baby well.. my baby faced same issue now he is better
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