7 months old baby

Question: My baby skin was reddish on his cheeks , please suggest some home remidies

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Question: My 67 days old baby has developed eczema on his cheeks pls suggest some home remidies. And is it curable?
Answer: Hello, nothing to worry about it is curable you can apply lot of moisturizer to your baby and also use lukewarm water to bath him. please contact your pediatrician for the medication .
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Question: Please suggest some home remidies for baby constipation
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having constipation problem then u van try home remedies : 1. Increase Water Consumption. Whether your baby is breast or bottle fed, it's easy to assume she's getting enough water due to a primarily liquid diet. 2. Offer Fruit Juice 3. Feed High-Fiber Foods 4. Give Your Baby “Bicycle Legs” 5. Try a Different Brand of Formula 6. Take Your Baby's Temperature 7. Massage Her Tummy 8. Give Him a Warm Bath.
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Question: My baby has got rashes on his cheeks....suggest me some cream...its quite reddish..
Answer: hi the best cream would be to apply Aloe Vera Gel however you can also apply breast milk which is the best and the natural remedy which will help the baby
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