8 months old baby

Question: My baby skin hd become darker. her skin was nt so dark. wat 2 do .pls gve advice

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Answer: A very special ubtan which not only changed the colour of the baby but also got rid of the body This ubtan is very simple to prepare and the ingredients are readily available in the market. The ingredients are as follows(for about 1kg ubtan – You will need that much quantity to last for 3 months so that the results are visible): 1) Masoor dal powder (1/2 kg) 2) Kapur-kachri powder(250 grams) (This will be available at any shop that stocks ayurvedic stuff like the ones at pydhonie in Mumbai.) 3) AmbaHaldi powder(250 grams) 4) Sandalwood powder (100 grams) (This also will be available at any ayurvedic store.) 4) Pure Almond Oil This also will be available at any oil shops at pydhonie or one can take their own almonds & get the oil removed. Preparation: Mix well all the powders (masoor dal, kapurkachri, ambahaldi& sandal) in a big vessel. After mixing store this powder in an air-tight container. Usage: 1) Take about 2 tbsp. of powder in a bowl. Powder, Almond Oil & Milk cream 2) Mix ubtan powder, almond oil & milk cream. 3) The consistency of the paste should not be very runny. PROS OF THE UBTAN: 1) Its 100% natural and safe. 2) It’s highly effective. 3) Can be used by elders also for acne scars & pigmentation. CONS OF THE UBTAN: 1) This ubtan might slightly give a burning sensation on the skin to new born babies because of their delicate & sensitive skin. So it is best used after 15 days of birth. Initially don’t rub it vigorously. Once the baby gets used to the massage, you can start rubbing harder. 2) This ubtan gives a yellowish look to the skin which can be overcome by using soap after washing ubtan.
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Question: My baby skin is so dark wat to do ?
Answer: Hello dear. . We can lighten the baby's skin colour in following ways.. Use homemade bath powder for bath,instead of soap You can use gram flour paste Intake of fruits and vegetables will also help. Feed them with ABC ( apple, beetroot,carrot )juice daily Make a habit of eating dryfruits daily it will surely increase the skin tone Thank you
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