6 months old baby

Question: My baby six month old and her head is in flat shape not in round.and its 42 inches.is it any problem?

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Question: How to shape my baby's head. My baby is now 4 month 12days old and her head is looking flat from back side. Please tell me some tips to round shape her head.
Answer: A mustard seeds pillow gives the baby much needed comfort because it is very soft.It has been observed that sleeping on mustard seed pillows smooths out the shape of the baby’s head.Since the mustard pillow can take up the shape of the head, slight bumps or dents can be fixed when your baby is using this pillow.Mustard seed pillows for newborns are adaptable and as your baby turns the head in sleep, the pillow adapts itself to the sleeping position of the baby’s head. In this way, even if your baby sleeps only on one side, the pillow will not put pressure on the head and that is why, even if your baby does not have any birth defects associated with the shape of head, let your baby sleep on a mustard seed pillow.
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Question: my baby head shape is flat in back side. is it problem for baby?
Answer: Hi ma'am dont worry its not a problem.. I would suggest use mustard seeds pillow use that can be black or yellow mustard seeds.. You can buy it from market or can make it yourself. Alter one pillow cover according to size of your baby's head make a bit large so that if baby want to turn he can..you can make it round or rectangle.. Fill 3kg mustard seeds in it seal it and keep below baby's head... I am sure it will help you..take care
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Question: 6 month baby head still not in shape, flat from one side , how to correct it
Answer: Hello dear, many moms face this type of situation. It's common in baby.  It happens when baby sleep everyday in a same position. You can use rai filled pillow for your baby. when you keep baby head on rai pillow. Rai will help to rotate baby's head and keep in shape. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one....
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