2 years old baby

Question: My baby seens from three days crying while doing potty..n he passes hard stool.plz suggest any home re diem for it.

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Answer: Give him pinch Hing with warm water .
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Question: My baby is doing hard potty and while he is crying
Answer: This looks like the baby is highly constipated.constipation in babies would be due to not drinking sufficient water,not enough fibre in diet,eating lot of refined foods.so you need to change baby's routine and lifestyle to treat constipation.once the baby ,,gets up,give a cup of warm water with honey.include lot of veggies in diet,prefer fruits over juices.this would ensure enough fibre in diet.avoid any refined foods, include biscuits,chips,chocolates etc.oats are excellent source of fibre.aone kids gets constipated with cow milk.so observe this change.stop cow milk for two days and see if it makes any difference.give him soups,and plenty of water in a day.make his toilet routined.every day at the same time make him practice popping.it could take weeks to get him habituated,but on a long run this would help.else doctors would prescribe suppositories or laxatives to make him poop.try avoiding at such early age and change his diet.
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Question: My baby not doing potty for three days any problems
Answer: Hllo dear no need to worry abht if ur baby has not pass poop from last 3 days .if baby s on milk whether formula milk or breast milk nd do 1 time poop in 10 day s completely normal nothing 2 worry about. Give bf after 2 2 hours try this remedy ..Sometimes making your baby’s body move will help get his bowels moving, too. Place your baby on his back in front of you. Lift up his legs and move them in a circular motion to mimic the motions of peddling a bicycle. .With your baby on her back, place your hand on her belly button. Using a clockwise motion, massage your baby’s tummy in ever bigger circles. Follow your baby’s cues as to how much pressure to use. If she fusses or cries, you’re pressing too hard.
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Question: My baby is crying while passing stool ..doing a bit hard potty..n stomach also hard..plz answer
Answer: For now you should apply Hing paste around her navel and apply glycerine on her anus daily. Make it a regular thing to massage her tummy daily with mustard oil in circular motion.
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