Few days old baby

Question: My baby's weight on delievery was 4.150 kg. Will she become obese in future?

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Answer: Hii dear. Nothing to worry. Just make sure of his diet in future. Give only healthy food to ur baby when start taking solids.
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    Noorjahan H905 days ago

    Thank u fr ur kind response

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Question: My baby's weight is 4400 kg right now, when she was born she weighed 3.325kg. Is she gaining good weight?
Answer: yes dear... at the time of birth baby's weight is due to water in their body which goes out and then they gain their original weight... remember in 6 months babies weight should be double from birth weight this will indicate her growth is good
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Question: Hi. My baby's birth weight was 3.5 kg. Now she is 7 kg in 2.5 months. Is this normal?
Answer: Hi dear ur baby seems gaining quite a heavy weight at this stage. Generally babies do gain 1 to 2 kg. I will suggest u to plz consult doctor and get the baby thyroid checked once. Once doctor assure u then nothing to worry.
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Question: My Baby birth weight was 3.3 kg. At 9 months, she is around 9 or 10 kg. Is it obese?
Answer: Hi,ideally the weight of the baby at this month should be between 9-10 so don't worry your baby is growing well
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