2 months old baby

Question: My baby's weight 5.700, he is 74 days old,his birth weight was 4 kg.. is it ok????

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Answer: hi the weight of the baby at 2 months Can Be Anything between 4-7 kg. your baby's weight is within the normal range therefore do not worry you should continue to feed your baby at the regular intervals of two angles which will help to give proper nutrition for the baby required for the growth and development of the baby
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Question: My 4 months old baby is having 5.700 kg of weight. Is it normal? Her birth weight was 3.550kg.
Answer: Hi dear if your baby's growth is normal then by 6 months of age baby should double her birth weight. How present rate is absolutely normal nothing to worry about. Feed your baby properly to gain proper weight. Hope it helps.
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Question: Ami baby's birth weight was 2500 gm.now he is 56 days old and his weight is 4 kg. Is it ok??
Answer: Hello! A baby should minimum put on 20 gms per day. As per that in 56 days the baby should put 1120 gms. So the baby has put on weight more than that. Hence there is nothing to worry. Take care
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Question: My baby's birth weight was 2500 gm.Now he is 56 days old and his weight is 4 kg. Is it ok??
Answer: Yes madam its ok because it is increasing and will increase still
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