4 months old baby

Question: My baby's 3months vaccination got over it has been 15days bt still the area is reddish n its hard wt to do for that??

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Answer: Give ice packs in day time and apply the ointment offen..don't wry it will reduce day by day...jst watch whether he can able to move his leg as did b4 vaccination
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Question: My baby had his third vaccination and the area which they give injection has become very hard..its like touching a rock..what to do ?
Answer: Hi....if the vaccine given was PCV, you have to massage with ice cubes(keep 2/3 ice cubes in a cloth n rub on that area slowly). If it is other than PCV you have to massage with warm cloth (boil some water, dip a cotton cloth in that n squeeze. When the cloth is just warm massage gently). Don't worry. By 3rd or 4th day it becomes normal.
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Question: Hello, it's been a month my baby got vaccinated , but even after a month the injected area is hard n lumpy. What to do ??
Answer: Hi Not to worry dear...some times the lump will be formed hard either due to the movement of baby while giving the vaccine or if you have rubbed that area after vaccination. Not to worry as the baby grows it will go off...
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Question: Hii.. after vaccination, my baby's thigh is little hard the place where vaccination done i used ice cubes for 5 days to reduce the hardness of my baby's thigh but still hard only ,please suggest me
Answer: Hi dear, Yes it is a common side effect of all the vaccination.nothing to be worried about.it slowly dissolves as the blood circulation improves.thrombophob ointment can be used only after the prescription of doctor.
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