3 months old baby

Question: my baby's sleep habit is very poor. how can solve it

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Answer: At this time you can't make a routine of your baby's sleep, but soon he'll adjust with your timetable, . till then take rest whenever he sleeps
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Question: Hi iam 32 weeks pregnant.I am breathing problems in sleep how can I solve it .Very tensed??
Answer: Hi as during pregnancy the uterus increases in the size and the pressure of comes on chest muscles due to which the breathlessness occurs and also the body needs to supply more oxygen.Try breathing exercises it will help and also go for walk in fresh air before going to bed it will help read good books listen to music it will help take care
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Question: How to solve my baby's gas problem?
Answer: Give the baby some tummy time. It helps in relieving gases. Keep him on his stomach at least for 15- 20 mins in a day. Also hold him upwards after each feeding and pat on his back. That should also help.
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Question: My baby's stool in green color .what is the reason ?how can i solve it
Answer: Hai dear... if the stool is in green colour it can be bacterial infection. It can also happens if the baby is on formula milk. Better you consult a doctor.
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