6 months old baby

Question: My baby's skin so rough &dry how can this skin are possible to soft & smooth

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Answer: 1.Keep ur baby skin hydrated by bathing her with warm water for only 3-5 minutes. 2. Avoid ur baby to sit and play with soap water for longer time 3. Apply baby skin or moisturiser immediately after bath
Answer: Give bath to baby with curd, it will create moisture in baby and make their skin soft....
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Question: My baby's skin is so dry. My pediatrician suggested aveeno moisturizer. Face becomes soft but still my baby's body is so rough. What should i do?
Answer: Hi I can suggest you some tips,just have a try. Massage your baby body with oil before bath. Apply Cream(on milk) on babies body which keeps the body moisturised. Apply moisturizer regulary after bath and night time before sleep. Keep your baby hydrated.
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Question: How can I get my baby's skin soft . She is 25months now . Her skin is so. Dry.
Answer: Try using cool boiled milk cream, before bathing the child, let it rest for fifteen minutes.. Then use a baby soap to bathe the child... After drying her up, use a soothing baby moisturizer..
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Question: How make babies skin soft because my daughter face is dry and rough
Answer: Hi dear, Any mild skin products can be used for baby's sensitive skin.i used Atogla body lotion and cream for my baby.it is very gentle and donot contain any chemical.Tedibar soap is also very good.spoo shampoo for hair and scalp.to make baby skin supple and healthy ,keep massaging with oil.everyday massage before bath would make skin healthy and glow....
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Question: My baby is having some rough skin on her face. How to get smooth skin??
Answer: Your rough skin will remove slowly slowly. Dont do amything for it.
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