2 months old baby

Question: My baby's right eye is watery. What is the reason

4 Answers
Answer: Hello This is very normal in infants as their lacrimal glad or tear gland is under developed. So the tears secreted do not roll out. The stagnant water tapped gets infected and causes the yellowish secretion or discharge. Take your baby to a doctor. It will be fine once the eye drops n put in the baby s eye for 2 or 3 days.
Answer: Hi dear, Watery eyes could be due to forthcoming cold.it could also be due to malfunction of tear gland.wipe it with damp warm cloth to clean.waiy for few days.if persists ,take her to doctor.
Answer: You can use Tobramycin eye drop. It worked best for my baby who had same problem. Water stopped within 2 days.
Answer: My baby not sleep in night ..after 4.30am only sleep wat problem
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