3 months old baby

Question: my baby s not sucking mre than 5mims i dnt knw the reason.and she reduced pee.hw to b her hungry nd hw to make her to suck for long time.im drinking coffee 6times a day s that make her to suck less.is it breast milk s not tastier to her.before she use to suck 30 min fr every 2hrs but nw she suck fr 4hrs once oly 5min.im so worried pls help me out im really worried

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Answer: Why r u drinking coffee so much ??
Answer: Contact your doctor
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Question: Hi.. I had baby before 5days but she is not sucking my breasts.. Just want to feed by spoon.. How can I make her to suck breast
Answer: Use nipple care for some days. Then the baby will start to suck.
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Question: My baby is not sucking in feeding bottle. As i have started giving ragi porridge she has not pooped for past two days. As i want to give water frequently to keep hydrated i need to use bottle. She s not at all sucking water n even i pump my milk n give she s not sucking the botle nipple. She rejects it thro her tongue.pls suggest some ideas to make her to suck feeding bottle
Answer: Hello! For keeping hydrated, your breast milk is sufficient only. Don't give more water. Few sips of water after meals is sufficient. If you want to use bottle, then ask someone from the family to offer her and you stay away. Initially, he will reject but then slowly will start to accept. Also for constipation try these remedies. 1. Formula fed babies can be more constipated then the breast fed. For formula fed babies you need to change the formula brand. 2.Cut down milk items from the diet like milkshakes or kheer.  3.Offer the baby apple puree and pear puree with the skin and also give prune juice.  4. Soak 5-6 raisins over night. Give the smashed raisins water next day morning.  5. Boil pomegranate peels in water and give the water.  6. Give high fiber diet like oats and include lots of water.  7. Also include curd and chaas in the diet.  8. Give a massage on the belly with warm oil. 9. Give a warm bath and make the baby sit in the tub of warm water. Take care
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Question: my baby wont burb at all,wht should i do hw to make her burp.and she do urine fr whole night is this s normal if not wht s the solution pls help me
Answer: hi, it's is fine if your baby doesn't burp. Buy still try to hol the baby for 10-15 mins on shoulders. Passing urine issues not a concerned as your shows that your baby issues getting sufficient milk Take care
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