9 months old baby

Question: my baby s 10 months old n he s doing motion from yesterday pls help me

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Answer: hi, Do not give any over-the-counter drugs to baby without consulting the doctor. Breastfeed frequently Doctor may advise rehydration fluid and may ask to boost breastmilk or formula intake to replace lost fluids. Keep an eye on baby’s urine output to ensure baby does not get dehydrated. loose motion in kids could lead to dehydration and it is important that kid should be given oral rehydration solution at regular intervals to keep water levels in body to optimum. Ensure that you use only paediatric ORS solution to treat loose motions. also give him chaas Andrew curd.
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Question: Past 2 days my baby doing motion often ,can give quick n safe suggestions pls
Answer: don't worry dear maybe your baby is going to crack teeth check her gums and if gums are swollen then massage with clean finger and also give good quality teether your baby and breastfeed her more frequently
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Question: Can i give cherry n plum papaya to my 10 month old baby during loose motion
Answer: Yes of course dear all these 3 fruits are safe for baby in loose motion it will not cause any harm so don't worry please..
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Question: Hi my baby is suffering from ear pain n swelling pls help me
Answer: Dear mommy please put feed in ear so baby get relief a little bit as soon as possible please consult with doctor
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