5 months old baby

Question: my baby's milk intake has reduced...initially she use to feed every 2 hours but now i have to force feed her...she is on formula feed...she is active...should I b woried??

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Answer: no nothing to worry. please don't force feed the baby . better try to feed on demand.at this age baby full their tummy in one go and indulge into activities. but don't wait beyond 4 hour gap.
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Question: hi experts my baby girl is 3 months old she is active but is not having much feed. she has very little milk every 2 hours. what should i do to increase her feed
Answer: Dont force feed...feed on demand basis...increase frequency of feeding...incase u r breastfeeding feed her 10-12 times...incase u r formula feeding her den feed her 5-6times...3ounce every time
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Question: My baby's feed intake have reduced.. she is active and playing but not drinking as before.. any reason behaind it..
Answer: Same problem with me too. Therefore I try to feed him maximum while he sleeps. You can try this.
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Question: my baby is one montón old and she dosent want to take formula milk she is only taking my milk.. should i force her to take formula milk????
Answer: Why to force your baby to take formula milk?? Just continue with breast feeding
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Question: My baby doesn't feed every two hours. I feed her on demand like when she cries. She is 4momths old is it ok. She refuses if i force her to drink. She is completely on bm
Answer: Nithing to worry Per day 6-8 times
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