5 months old baby

Question: my baby's milk intake has reduced...initially she use to feed every 2 hours but now i have to force feed her...she is on formula feed...she is active...should I b woried??

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Answer: no nothing to worry. please don't force feed the baby . better try to feed on demand.at this age baby full their tummy in one go and indulge into activities. but don't wait beyond 4 hour gap.
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Question: What should i eat to increase breast milk. My baby is 20 days old but my feed is not sufficient for her.
Answer: Drink atleast 4 litres of water per day and also have sprouted fenugreek or fennel and cumin water... maximum try to avoid giving formula.. last but not least keep on feeding ur baby frequently, this may help to lactate more... dont think dat milk is not enough for your baby... have confidence that ur milk is sufficient fr ur baby.. sometimes we imagine dat v r nt lactating enough which is wrong..i personally experienced this..
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Question: My baby is 19 days old, she is not sucking my breasts till now. When I try to keep my breast on her mouth she is crying alot. I'm trying to give my milk by hand expressing, but I'm getting very less amount, I can do hand express only once a day, when I did next time I'm not even getting a drop of milk. We are giving formula milk. Please guide me how to feed my breast milk to my baby.
Answer: Dear you should check your nipples maybe if nipples are not fully grown then baby can’t suck if your nipples are perfect then try to give in different position you can put pillow under baby then try to feed him . You just press your breast after that some some milk comes out from Nipple then put your nipple in baby mouth
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Question: .My baby girl is not drinking milk in night for 8- 9 hours.....what to do??she is on formula milk..much worried😑
Answer: Dear ni need to worry . Now your baby is growing. If baby need feed than they will start to cry. If baby don’t demand than yuu can avoid.
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