5 months old baby

Question: My baby's left eye is puffy.. kindly suggest Hw to treat..

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Answer: Hello Dear firstly don't self medicate the child. *Yu can use sift cotton cloth to delicately clean his eye from out. *Soak a cotton balm either in normal water or cold water n slowly keep on yur babies eyes *Yu or baby don't rub eyes it will cause more itchiness. Take yur baby to pediatrician he will check and according provide medication n eye drops.
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Question: Why my baby eye is yellow he is only7days
Answer: Dear maybe this is your baby eye colour . It is not properly yellow may be slight yellow. wait for few days it will become clear if it will not then you can ask with your doctor
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Question: Is it necessary to have sex to get normal delivery ? Is it any way helpful ? Kindly suggest
Answer: No dear you Should not have sex in third trimester. As this time bleeding chance increase. If baby will do head down after that only normal delivery happen.
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Question: My baby's corner side of the eye looks light red last 4 days.what to do
Answer: Dear may be baby hand hurt the eye . Take proper care . Watch 1-2 days if redness will not fade ura better to see doctor .
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