39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby's head is not fixed in pelvic bone yet Is there any chances of normal delivery?? I'm soo much worried about it baby is still moving in tummy I really want to have normal delivery please 😭 help

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Answer: Do some exercise, Scotts,yoga
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Question: Hi I am 39 weeks pregnant but baby's head has not fixed yet. Are there chances of normal delivery?
Answer: The chances are not much but you have to keep trying till the delivery so keep doing exercises like pelvix stretch, kegels and squats which helps in preparing urself for labor. And hope for the best.
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Question: according to doctor my baby head not fixed yet..is there any complication for normal delivery??
Answer: U plz ask ur doctor abt turning baby. Bec my doctor did turn my baby at 37weeks. Btw walking alot n do mild house hold work n drink penty of water
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Question: If babys head is not fixed is there chances of normal delivery
Answer: Dear if the baby's head is not fixed but baby has taken head down position then doctor by inducing pain artificially try to have a normal delivery. But if baby is not even in head down it is not possible to have a normal delivery even by artificial pains. Hope it helps.
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