3 months old baby

Question: My baby's head is flat one side and the other side looks bulged.. she used to sleep or turn only to one side before.. Might be cause of this.. we noticed now.. how to cure? Whom to consult.? Pls suggest

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Answer: Now make her sleep or lay always on the other side which is bulged..then it will be balanced
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Question: hi my baby's head is somewhat flat in right side. on her first days she used to sleep in right side. Is this shape will change ......?
Answer: hello dear in 6 i dont think so it is possible but you can try mustard seeds pillow.
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Question: My baby has flat head in left side. How to cure this. Plz tell me. Will it cause brain damage
Answer: Brain damage? No dear. At birth babies head is soft, while it was hardening it got flat on the outside. Nothing has happened inside. It's all safe.
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Question: Hi all.... My baby is 14 days old... she turns her head to one side always and the other side seem to be bulged due to this... what can I do for this ?!
Answer: Hi...baby's head is soft and moldable..hence can get deformed due to poor posture...to prevent this mustard seed pillows can b used...it helps gain back the shape in 3-4wks...and supports to gain a more roundish shape...hope this helps..Gud luck
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Question: My baby keeps head on one side only and does not turn to other side often. Is it alright?
Answer: If the child is holding the neck in an abnormal position or always turn at the same side so can cause the head to flatten on one side and face to appear uneven or out of line. If not treated, head tilt may lead to permanent facial deformity or unevenness and to restricted head movement. Most cases of head tilt are associated with a condition called torticollis but sometimes a head tilt can be due to other causes such as hearing loss, misalignment of the eyes, a throat or lymph node infection, But most common cause of head tilt is the result of injury to the muscle that connects the breastbone, head, and neck The injury may occur during birth, but it also can occur while the baby is still in the uterus Later the muscle contracts and causes the head to tilt to one side. It is very important to seek such treatment early, so that the problem is corrected before it causes permanent deformity. Your pediatrician will examine your child’s neck and may perform X-rays of the area in order to identify the cause. Once it is diagnosed that the problem is due to the torticollis that is the injury during the birth time the doctor will give you the exercise program that how you turn the baby's neck to the opposite side And perform these exercises several times in a day along with the heat application to the area and the massage, Another, place the baby on his stomach upon a blanket or soft surface and putting toys in front of him. The aim is to encourage him to lift his head up and see all the action which helps strengthen his neck muscle. If this not help that is by 1 year the baby still has weak neck muscles, you should meet orthopaedic surgeon.
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