17 months old baby

Question: my Baby's eyes white has turned to red... how to treat it.? she is neither irritated nor crying... no tears no pus formation, but what happened to her eyes n how to solve it?

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Question: Hi All ....my baby she is bending her head towards right hand side..what could be the reason and how to straighten it...plz suggest
Answer: Make her to sleep by keeping her head on left side for few days..
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Question: How to get rid of hairs from baby's body. My baby girl has it on her back, forehead, behind ears n almost whole body.kindly give some remedy
Answer: Congratulations for motherhood dear unnesasary hairs r common in infants.use olive oil regularly Olive oil easily goes into the inner layers of the skin .nd makes unnesasary hairs soft nd slowly slowly by masaging knots ll be open nd it ll fall down by his own .try it nd u can try this remedy too take aata add besan 1 pinch turmeric powder and few drops of mustard oil nd mix it nd make dough nd rub it on babies body .its hekpful in removing unnesasary hairs .try it
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Question: My baby's weight is just 7kg. She is vomiting liking throwing the food and feeling aptitness. She did not want to take any food.. Already ondam oral has applied but still she is feeling uncomfortable. What shall I do?
Answer: If baby is throwing all types of food every time then a possibly you are overfeeding your child or baby has gastrointestinal reflux disorder which will take some time to cure by itself. For this kind of babies you need to feed a small portion but frequently. That will help and I am saying this from my own personal experience.
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