12 months old baby

Question: my baby's eyes are watering since 2 days..pls suggest sumthng

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Answer: In general, the pain and discomfort caused by pinkeye and watery eyes are the worst of all. There are some home remedies for conjunctivitis in children that can help relieve symptoms and make your baby more comfortable. @Wet a tea bag in boiling water and set aside until cool. Placing the cooled tea bag on the infected eyelids help to soothe the eye. @Another one of the effective pink eye home remedies includes a salt solution. Add salt to boiling water. Cool the salt solution until it is warm. Dip a cotton ball in the salt solution and place it on the eyelids. @Jasmine flower has a cooling effect. Soak clean jasmine flower overnight in distilled water. Drain, and with a dropper apply to the affected eye. @Breast milk is one of the most effective pink eye home remedies for babies. @In some cases, the eye drops given at birth cause eye irritation, and such eye problems go away on its own. @If the eye irritation is caused by a block tear duct, a gentle warm massage between the eye and nasal area helps to ease the condition. @Eye infection caused by bacteria needs to be treated with antibiotics. @Eye drops is generally used. The sticky yellow drainage can be removed using salt water eye drops. @A warm compress to the eyes can ease the condition as it can relieve swelling and irritation. @It is very important to wash hands before and after touching the infected eyes.
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