2 months old baby

Question: My baby s 47 days old ND goes wit breast feed ND formula feed.. She poop in yellow watery texture wit white patches. Pediatrician told it's infection so gave her some medicines like zinc dry powder now she poop in green colour wit yellow patches... M confused ND today fully she dint poop.... WATS happening to my baby...

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Question: Hello today i consulted pediatrician about my daughter diarrhoea ..he told me that she is suffering from infection in her digestive system or stomach ..also he told to give her breast milk upto 3 days nd told me to give formula milk with prescribed medication .. this is a very sad news for me that i shouldn't feed my baby.. plz tell me what should i do ???
Answer: Same things happened on me as well.. my baby is 31 days n I have started formula feeding as per pediatrician. After 1 day my baby lose motion was controlled n health wise also good. M pehle apna dud pilati hu then 90ml formula feed... Don't worry formula feed is good for baby. Dr ki suno.. apna milk to pilao n sath sath formula feeding so that babies health n immunity power v buildup hota hey... Personal experience
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Question: My baby is 6 monthmy baby is 5month 20days old and she poop very frequently and watery after every feed..my pediatrician gave medicines for diarrhea..still she poop frequently..from the birth time she poop many times a days but after 4months she starts pooping 3 to 4 times a day..but now she poop frequently and watery after every feed..
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby digestion is not developed till now, thats why he is eating and passing motion. I would advise you to have Dashmularisht which is good for digestion that indirectly would go to baby through your milk, also u can have ajwain,saunf after every meal that would keep you n baby free from digestion problems.
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Question: My baby girl is 19 days old she is having watery yellow poop every single time when I feed her. she is twisting her body and poop like 20 times in a day.. Little little poop..Even I am having masoor dal daliya and chawal and alu ki sabji and milk. All without spices.. Why this is happening to her?
Answer: Don't worry. It's absolutely normal and even healthier. Whatever u want u can eat dr but in limitation. As much as pooping is gud. Nnot even worry about it unless it is diarrhea
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