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Question: My baby s 6 days old...hw to know whether her tummy S full or not??

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Answer: Hi dear, Apka baby achche se breast feed Kar Raha hai ya Nahi iske Kuch signs hai,jisse aapko pata lag Sakta hai: 1- baby's steady weight gain 2- 6 to 8 wet cloth nappies daily 3-10 to 12 feeds in a day 4- baby stool looks mustard yellow 5-baby is content and happy 6- while feeding if you can hear gulping and swallowing sound 7- your breasts feels light post feed
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Question: How to know whether the baby is full or not
Answer: Hello dear,  you can help your baby's tummy stay settled, let him decide when to come off your breast. If you're not sure whether he's finished, let him rest for a few minutes. He may just want to take a little break before feeding again. Remember, your baby knows how much he needs, and you can't overfeed your baby. If your baby gaining weight properly and peeing more than 10 time in a day. It means baby is taking proper milk.  
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Question: my baby us 104 days old i dont understand his tummy full or not how to know that?
Answer: Hii There are few signs through which u can guess about the same. If baby is feeding for six to eight times a day , ur breast get soft and painter after feed, it nipple will be of the same shape as it was when baby started feeding,  Your baby looks a healthy colour, and has firm skin that bounces right back if you pinch it gently, baby is active when awake and ask for milk when he get hungry, use 3 to 4 diapers in a day., Your baby’s poos are a yellowy-mustard colour by the time he’s five days old .Also gaining proper weight so these shows the sign that baby is taking a proper feed. 
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Question: How to know whether baby s full??
Answer: Hello, you should feed a baby for 15 to 20 minutes from each side every 2 hours this is sufficient for the baby if the baby is able to pass urine about 10 times in a day this indicates that the baby is getting sufficient milk
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