27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby's current weight 4.89 gms in 20th week is low weight or is it ok?

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Answer: Hello! You mean to say the weight is 489 gms. It is definitely good weight. Minimum weight at these times is 300 gms. Hence, your baby weight is good. Continue to have the same diet and take proper rest.
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Question: At 20th week baby's weight is 334g is it OK?
Answer: Hi dear, average weight gain at this week is somewhere around 300 grams. So this weight gain is good.
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Question: In my last check up my baby's weight is 240 gms... Is it ok?
Answer: At 20 weeks wt of fetus should be around 300 h Gms . Keep check on your diet you have ample of time to cover up. Start ranking protein shake twice a day
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Question: Ma'am My baby's weight in 33 weeks is 1515 gms approx is it ok
Answer: hi dear your baby weight seems to be bit low as approx weight of baby at 33 weeks should be 1.9 kg that is 1900 grams. So to increase your babies weight you should have protein rich food, for that have milk and Milk products have at least 500 ml of milk with protein powder on daily basis also include dryfruits, fruits, green veggies, pulses, f, meet etc in your diet. .
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Question: In my 32 week scan baby weight is 1953 gms. Is it ok or low weight? Suggest any thing that can be increase baby weight...
Answer: Hi.. Dear you can have Fruit and vegetables, whether fresh, frozen, tinned, dried, or juiced. Aim to have at least five portions a day. Starchy food, such as potatoes, and, ideally wholegrain, rice, pasta and bread. Foods rich in protein, such as lean, well-cooked meat, fish, eggs and pulses.. You will make the difference.. But do not stress yourself at all..
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