4 months old baby

Question: My baby s birth weight was 2.8 kg at 3 months she is 4.8 kg .is she growing well?

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Answer: Hey, On an average newborn is suppose to gain 400-700gms in a month so that by the time he is 6months old his birthweight is doubled. Also net weight gain during first month is low as baby loses some of his weight during first few weeks after birth. So don't worry all is good with your baby. maintain a timely feeding schedule to help him gain weight at steady pace.
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    Keerthi Mohan898 days ago

    Its normal weight. Don't worry :) her weight should be double her birth weight by 6 months

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Question: My baby weight at birth time is 2.9 . She is now three months old, has 4.8 kg. Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear her weight is perfect and dis weight shows that she is exclusively in breastmilk. Do keeps on giving her breastmilk exclusively dear till 6months of age and then Introduce home maDe semi soLid food.
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Question: Baby's birth weight was 2.8 kg on 30th Aug. Now he is 4.8 kgs is it normal?
Answer: Yes baby gains 1kg every month to additional birth weight so it is normal
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Question: My baby's weight at 3& 1/2 months is 5.070 kg , her birth weight was 2.8 kg ,is she growing well?
Answer: Yes For babies to put on weight three things are necessary Full feed Sound sleep Exercise Three are related to each other Give baby good oil massage leave on mat for one hour baby plays oil absorbs give bath feeding baby sleeps After baby gets up again feeding leave on mat baby plays hunger and sleep will come Again repeat same feeding sleep Two times bath with sufficient quantity of warm water is necessary for their growth Mother feed is best for babies it helps in growth faster Take good supplements
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