39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby's age is now only five days.he left stool and urine in morning.. after that still no urine no stool.now 6.50 pm.is it worried matter? also he intake very little mother's breast milk.

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Answer: The reason may be he is not getting required amount of feed.. Baby should pee atleast 6-8 times a day.. U should consult paediatric ASAP.. He may suggest u fm..
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Question: I got little movements or few movement only at afternoon after that no mvement are there still mild pain is there should i worried
Answer: Hi dear, i know its worrisome if your stop feeling movement of baby if you don't feel the movement for more than 4-6 hrs then its good to raise alarm. Some gentle tricks you may use to get a response from the baby: Change position, especially lying on my back or belly briefly. Eat something sweet, then wait a few minutes. Listen to music, my son never kicked harder than when the song plays on TV! Press on one side of my belly, and see if the baby presses back. Drink an icy cold glass of water to wake him up!
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Question: My daughter 's eyes are red ......two days before it was her left eye that was red but today morning her right eye has also become red ......what should b the matter ...im very much worried
Answer: Hi dear,red eye indicates an eye infection.I'm giving u some home remedies but before using it u should consult with doctor as some infections can really be harmful.U can use saline water to clear ur baby's eye, cold tea bag will also help hold it on eye will relax the eye,u can also use a cotton soaked in mild hot water and hold it on eye will help to reduce the swelling,make sure the cotton is clear enough.Hope this will help,Take care.
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Question: Hiii moms my baby is 13 months I am giving her hing on her food because she is passing her stool very hard so I am giving her from last 1 week but today I have not given n today at morning she has done her latrine ok but after that while passing urine little stool is also pass with urine
Answer: It's ok. Nothing to worry. For hard stool treatment give your baby banana once a day and also make sure your baby drinks enough water throughout the day.
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