3 months old baby

Question: My baby rubbing her ear frequently, is this due to long hair or any ear infection

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Answer: It can be ear infection , check her ears if anything comes out from the ear immediately check with doctor
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Question: My baby is rubbing right ear very frequently Looks wax inside it How to clean it or suggest any drops
Answer: Hello dear Do not worry too much if u see earwax in ur babys ear. It is normal to have wax in ur ears. There are different colors of wax to be seen in ears but if u notice that it is red color wax then visit ur doctor because that can be infection.
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Question: Plz answer how to know if baby is having ear infection? My baby is rubbing her left ear with her hand.. i checked her ear it is looking clean.. what could be the reason for rubbing ?
Answer: hi dear! if there was infection then there can be some discharge coming from the ear and also there can be fever to indicate an infection dear. so this cant be any infection dear. if you want you can still visit a doctor but this is no infection . the baby must be teething can it has connection with ear rubbing dear.so it must be it. take care dear.
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Question: Hi ...I think something is wrong with my baby ears she is frequently rubbing her left ear..what to do
Answer: My baby's ear must be reaching so you can check if baby has developed or not if baby cries on touching then baby might also have ear pain in that case you will need to take your baby to the doctor
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