3 months old baby

Question: my baby r 3month 9 days old but she can not hold her neck nd also night sleeping time she can not pass urine minimum 7-8 hours but day time she passed urine 7 to 8 times.its normal

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Answer: It might take little longer for some infants to hold neck. If infant is passing urine min6 times a day then it's normal. No worries 😀
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Question: My daughter is 14 months old. Since she is born, from that day till now, she doesn't sleeps properly. Every night she wakes up at 1 '0 clock nd minimum 2 hours she stays awake, maximum can be 4 . Even in day time also, her sleeping time is not fixed , sometimes she doesn't sleeps also in day time also , but still she gets up at night . I have tried everything, but couldn't improve her sleep. What to do
Answer: Relax dear don't worry it was same case with my son, he started to have stretch sleep after 15 months, but try and put her to sleep in the day time so that she will get used to the routine also keep bedtime routine
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Question: My baby 50days old her sleeping time is very less she sleeping only 7 to 8 hours per day what can i do for this?
Answer: It's ok dear ...Few kids have less sleep. If baby us active, not crying and gaining wt then there is no need to worry.
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Question: My baby is 3 month she pass urine in day time frequntly but from 2 days she not pass urine in night but in day she is normal
Answer: Yes as the baby grows, night time they may not pass urine. It's a good sign actually. And also good for you as you don't have to frequently change nappy/diaper. As long as the pee count is more than 6 in a day, you don't need to worry
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