3 months old baby

Question: My baby puts on her finger in the mouth continuously. Any idea to stop this habit?!

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Answer: We cannot stop putting hands in the mouth for babies, we have to understand that if the baby is feeded stomach full then the babies play quietly and also they be clam. if they are hungry and not crying then in such situations they will put the hands in their mouth so please provide stomach full feeding for the baby for 2 to 3 hours and keep giving little little water for every hour as it is a summer you can go with the fresh watermelon juice little 2 times a day
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Question: My baby always keep her fingers to her mouth even after feeding what can I do this?
Answer: Dear if baby s keeping finger in mouth even after feeding it means its her habbit so dont worry wear mittons nd whenever she puts finger in mouth taje out her hand slowly slowly she ll leave her habbit.
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Question: My baby has slight redness in the inner corner of his eyes.any idea y is it so?any remedies??
Answer: It may happen if the baby has left on that side for a long time or it may happen by unknowingly if something has hurted at that part please take your breast milk in a spoon and fork it drop by drop in the eye so that it will Heal as soon as possible if it doesn't give any result after 4 to 5 hours please consult the doctor don't 4 complete milk in the eyes please put it drop by drop and stop and check it if baby is comfortable then go on with this process till photo 5 hours if not if the redness is increasing or if any other problems are increasing please consult to the children specialist
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Question: In the 5 week I saw some spotting on my panty ,is this any harm for my baby
Answer: ,Well brown discharges are common during first trimester..but it needs treatment too..it could be due to low progesterone levels in blood..yes doctor gives hormonal supplement for that and it resolves on its own..take rest and continue with medication ,dnt panic..
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