4 months old baby

Question: My baby puts her hands in mouth all the time even after feeding.. How to overcome it..

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Answer: The only way is to take it out whenever you see when baby does that. Ma elder one was like that literally I do this each atleast 100 times do you believe me yes I did after a week time he stopped keeping his fingers inside. Or try to divert the baby when he/she takes the fingers to put inside the mouth. Patience is very important 😃 happy parenting
Answer: Every 3 to 4 months old baby puts the fingers in the mouth. this is a kind of milestone And satisfies The Baby the babies also put their toes in their mouth don't worry this will stop on its own
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Question: my baby always puts her hands in her mouth, even after feeding, what should i do.
Answer: Hi dear. Its sucking reflex. Its normal in babies. Take the hand out whenever you see her sucking. It will resolve soon.
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Question: My puts hands in mouth every time
Answer: Hi dear, Thumb sucking is a habit that calms babies.it is a behavioural phase that usually passes off with age. Babies feel calmness and relaxed while doing it.very few babies would take his habit to toddlerhood. Such babies would need to manage by counselling it tricks.as if now donot worry please .you can only keep removing the thumb when baby puts in mouth.it will atleast help their brains to stop doing it.,.,.,.
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Question: my baby puts both the hands in mouth.. how to solve it?
Answer: This is normal .Just make sure to give him teether so that he will play with it. Keep teether sterilised. So that no one infection will happen.
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