1 months old baby

Question: My baby put her sweater in her mouth. ..how to stop that or any other options

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Answer: Hello! Stopping that is difficult however you can try to give teether to the baby if the baby can hold things. But stopping the baby from doing it is difficult. Take care
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Question: My baby is put 2 fingers in her mouth.. she is 4 months old.. how can i stop her?
Answer: Don't stop your baby to putting his fingers in mouth. It means baby is getting ready for soild food. It also improve hand to mouth co ordination. It will gives baby's snoothing effect. You can see the baby's gum are swollen,so they rub the gums by there own fingers.
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Question: My baby always put hands in mouth..how to stop this??
Answer: Put gloves for ur baby's hand.. Apply something to ur baby's hand which she don't like (like neem oil or neem leaves paste etc, )
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Question: 4 month's baby, putting hand in the mouth, how to stop, why do they put hand in mouth?
Answer: Hi! Pls dont stop, baby is exploring his/her body, its natural and hand to mouth relation is part of their milestone, pls dont try to stop anything natural, these will outgrow with time. Hope this helps!
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