38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby position is in breech and there is a single loop of cord around baby neck.Is normal delivery possible or c section i have to do?

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Answer: Hello dear Breech babies are not unsafe but with breech deliveries, there is a higher risk for the baby to get stuck in the birth canal and for the baby's oxygen supply through the umbilical cord to get cut off. So, doctors always prefer to have c section if baby is in breech position.
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    Vyshnavi Bhumireddy632 days ago

    Still Is there a chance that baby head will get down

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Question: Single loop of Cord around baby's neck.is it normal?
Answer: hi dear! this is very normal and occurs is many pregnancy dear. there is a possibility that cord can also unwind itself also. so dont worry we will have to keep a track on the cord. and also there is no problem to the baby as the baby receive its oxygen and blood through this cord and not through the nose as the baby does not breathe inside dear. so there is no problem at all. as it is still getting everything through this cord . so the normal delivery is very possible . the head will deliver first and then the doctors will remove the cord and then deliver the rest of the baby. so dont worry just we will have to keep track on the cord . take care! i hope this information was of help !
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Question: One loop cord around my baby neck. Can I have a c section or normal delivery?
Answer: U can have normal delivery also... Same was the situation with me and my delivery was normal
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Question: My baby have a single loop of cord around neck.is normal delivery possible ?
Answer: Yes...forget about loop...my baby has 2 loops around but still I had normal delivery
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