38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby position in breech is there any chance to normal delivery

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Answer: Yes i can try by going for walk exicesing
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Question: my baby is in breech position is there any chance to change position till delivery
Answer: chances of spontaneous reversion to cephalic are always there but in your case since you are already 36 weeks there are very less chances of baby to change its position because the baby size has increased and there is little room for the baby to move. But we cannot predict the baby position if at the time of contractions the baby is in breech position then your doctor might ask you for the c-section and you should follow your doctor advice to prevent fetal distress
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Question: My baby in breech position is there any chance normal delivery
Answer: Hi ma..there are possibilities for normal delivery..its not only due to position many factors like ur BP,sugar level,breakage of amniotic sac,cervical dilatation,baby's growth etc are also included...anything may happen during the time of Labour and mode of delivery can be changed at that time..so don't worry about these things now..nowadays c section are also become common one..so eat healthy and devoid of stress..sleep well and walk as per ur capacity..take care and all the best.
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Question: My baby is breech position&fundal placenta ,Is there any chance for normal delivery
Answer: sometimes baby move on last time .but u should not think about the way of delivery whether its normal or cs just think about outcome mean about the baby should be delivered without any problems.
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